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CSA-GTP Certification 

General principles (fr)

2012 Repository,
applicable until june 30, 2018 (fr)

Dec. 2017 Repository,
applicable from july 1st, 2018 (fr)

Q&A CSA-GTP (dec. 2018)

Audit and certification regulations, dec. 2018 (fr)

Transport annex (dec. 2018) (fr)

Recognition protocol,
with Qualimat Transport (fr)

Accompanying note of recognition
with Qualimat Transport (fr)

Note to certified operators and
certification authorities (dec. 2018) (fr)

Note to certified operators and
certification authorities (dec. 2017) (fr)

Accredited certification authorities (fr)

How to get certified (fr)

Joint communication on the signature of a
CSA-GTP - OVOCOM recognition agreement (fr)

Extension of the mutual recognition
agreement OVOCOM/CSA-GTP

Formation incograin





List of member companies

For a brief guide to understanding the list...

The specifications of the CSA-GTP certification have changed. You'll find below a notice explaining the evolutions since January 1st 2019. The full range of documents (standards, regulation, transport annex, etc) is also available here.

Notice to the certified operators and to certification companies (french) (dec. 2018), (pdf)

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Ascending order on company names
Company Certifications Membership number State Certified until
ALCOR   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR16N-47-1380 Member;Certified;; 01/10/2020
ALLIANCE AGRICOLE   CollectionStorageSales FR18N-08-1427 Member;Certified;; 06/25/2021
ALLIANCE OCCITANE   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR11A-31-1246 Member;Certified;; 06/25/2020
ALLIANCE OUEST CEREALES   CollectionStorageSales FR15C-35-1308 Member;Certified;; 01/13/2022
ALPHA PELLETS SA   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR10A-52-1241 Member;Certified;; 07/29/2019
ALTERNAE SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransportBonnes pratiques de stockage en vue de livraisons directes ferme FR07N-27-1198 Member;Certified;; 01/31/2022
ALTERNATIVE COLLECTE SAS -   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR13N-31-1277 Member;Certified;; 07/08/2019
ANJOU MAINE CEREALES   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR09N-53-175 Member;Certified;; 04/03/2020
ANJOU NEGOCE   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR16N-49-1335 Member;Certified;; 06/04/2022
AOC TRANSIT   CollectionStorageSales FR17A-35-1388 Member;Certified;; 01/13/2022
APPRO VERT SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransportBonnes pratiques de stockage en vue de livraisons directes ferme FR04N-61-102 Member;Certified;; 11/30/2020
AREAL SAS (Groupe VIVADOUR)   CollectionStorage FR09A-32-1207 Member;Certified;; 06/10/2019
ARMBRUSTER FRERES SA   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR03N-68-047 Member;Certified;; 07/27/2021
ARMOR SILO   CollectionStorage FR16C-22-1345 Member;Certified;; 09/04/2019
AVENIR AGRO SAS   CollectionStorageSalesTransport FR09N-54-1209 Member;Certified;; 08/17/2021
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